• BPI waive membership fee

    Waive your BPI Credit Card Membership Fee

    I’ve been a credit card user of BPI for maybe 5 years now and I always get advice from workmates and friends to try to ask them to waive my membership fee. That must be like every passing December. This year I finally tried it and to my surprise didn’t get my membership fee waived entirely. Background: – I pay my dues on time, with no past dues – I use my credit card for installment transaction – I use them sometimes on shop purchases and online purchases including airfare – They always grant me an additional credit almost every year – I have the Blue Mastercard one – It’s…

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    Pay Pag-ibig Housing Loan via GCash

    There is no doubt Gcash has changed the lives of Filipino with never before access to payments and transfers. One of the best feature payments on Gcash is the Government Bills. Login to your account. Go to Pay Bills > Government > Pag-ibig or Pay Bills > Menu > Search for Pagibig Fill up the form, and type select ‘Housing Loan’ from the dropdown. Enter your 12-digit Member ID or 20-digit Housing Loan ID to the Account Number Field.Enter the amount you wanted to pay in the ‘Amount’ field.For the period covered, ‘from’ select your day of due date since mine’s due date is every 17th I entered Nov 17th…

  • sop 4
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    Pay SSS Contribution thru Shopee App (Shopeepay or Spaylater)

    Bills for Government Services has finally onboarded and integrated their payment methods with the most convenient method of all – online payments. Technology has been very helpful esp this pandemic but even before then, we have used Shopee for our shopping needs. If you are not aware of the bills payment feature of Shopee, well now you are and you should take advantage of this feature. First, you need to generate a PRN for your payment, you can check this link on How to generate SSS PRN. Once generated you can proceed with the steps. From Shopee’s dashboard, go to “Load, Bills & Travel” Then tap, “Government Services” Select SSS…

  • Use at your own risk
    Finance,  Forex

    Risk Management and Counting Pips

    What is a PIP? The movement of the prices in a tiny increments or decrements Why is it important that we should know how to count pips? Based on the previous articles we have: How to and Why Breakeven How to Follow Forex Signals we have always mentioned PIPS and POINTS. We should what is a pip in order to: Calculate when trading To set Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Breakeven points To calculate the risks This is the basics but we should know the grave importance of Points in Percentage (PIP). Stop Loss One of the important in trading was to put Stop Loss (SL) on each trade. And…

  • sunlife
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    Sunlife Maxilink Prime Policy Review (Self Review)

    With the overload of ideas and life hacks we stumble upon in our daily social media lives, we sometimes absorb these ideologies without doing enough research on our own. I joined a financial group on Facebook as an earning individual that aspires to expand her financial portfolio. While a member of this group, I bump into people surrendering their policies – not just any policies but specifically VUL (variable universal life) Insurance. After enough time lurking in the comments section and reading posts within the group, I concluded some members is against this type of insurance. In a summary and from what I have read, the people in the group…

  • For Profit

    How to and Why Breakeven

    Have you noticed that there are times that your entry doesn’t hit your Take Profit (TP)? And instead of gaining pips you end up losing pips? Or there are also times that you have TP 1 and TP 2, then although it hits TP 1 and seems to think that you are confident enough that the it will hit TP 2 but only hitting the SL. To clearly picture out this situation, let’s say that you have a BUY entry on EURUSD at 1.09000 with 2 entries: Entry: 1.09000 SL: 1.08700 TP 1: 1.09200 TP 2: 1.09700   Gaining or Losing? Let’s assume that TP 1 hit, then you have…

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    How to Follow Forex Signals

    As what we have learned from previous article Ways to Forex Trade for Beginners and if you are planning to follow some of the Telegram/WhatsApp Channels or other services offering forex signals were you manually do the entries on your MT4 or MT5 account, here are some few tips on how to follow them. Abbreviations Before that, note that these are the abbreviations often used on this article: TP – Take Profit SL – Stop Loss BE – Break Even BE+ – Break Even plus (some pips more that the Break Even) So here are the steps that I have learned following signals especially on those good channels offering.  …

  • Forex trading on mobile and desktop

    Forex Trading for Beginners

    In past two years of learning and trading forex, I really learned in a hard way that controlling the emotions is really a good training when we are into trading. So these are the possible ways to do trading for those who want to start directly. ROBOTS or EA Robots or EAs may be a good start but the problem on this approach is that there are times that these cannot predict the market, especially on High Impact News or there is an NFP. Thus there is a high risk of blowing the account on this. So most traders using this approach recommended to pause or stop or not to…