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    Risk Management and Counting Pips

    What is a PIP? The movement of the prices in a tiny increments or decrements Why is it important that we should know how to count pips? Based on the previous articles we have: How to and Why Breakeven How to Follow Forex Signals we have always mentioned PIPS and POINTS. We should what is a pip in order to: Calculate when trading To set Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Breakeven points To calculate the risks This is the basics but we should know the grave importance of Points in Percentage (PIP). Stop Loss One of the important in trading was to put Stop Loss (SL) on each trade. And…

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    How to and Why Breakeven

    Have you noticed that there are times that your entry doesn’t hit your Take Profit (TP)? And instead of gaining pips you end up losing pips? Or there are also times that you have TP 1 and TP 2, then although it hits TP 1 and seems to think that you are confident enough that the it will hit TP 2 but only hitting the SL. To clearly picture out this situation, let’s say that you have a BUY entry on EURUSD at 1.09000 with 2 entries: Entry: 1.09000 SL: 1.08700 TP 1: 1.09200 TP 2: 1.09700   Gaining or Losing? Let’s assume that TP 1 hit, then you have…

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    How to Follow Forex Signals

    As what we have learned from previous article Ways to Forex Trade for Beginners and if you are planning to follow some of the Telegram/WhatsApp Channels or other services offering forex signals were you manually do the entries on your MT4 or MT5 account, here are some few tips on how to follow them. Abbreviations Before that, note that these are the abbreviations often used on this article: TP – Take Profit SL – Stop Loss BE – Break Even BE+ – Break Even plus (some pips more that the Break Even) So here are the steps that I have learned following signals especially on those good channels offering.  …

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    Forex Trading for Beginners

    In past two years of learning and trading forex, I really learned in a hard way that controlling the emotions is really a good training when we are into trading. So these are the possible ways to do trading for those who want to start directly. ROBOTS or EA Robots or EAs may be a good start but the problem on this approach is that there are times that these cannot predict the market, especially on High Impact News or there is an NFP. Thus there is a high risk of blowing the account on this. So most traders using this approach recommended to pause or stop or not to…

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    Withdraw from MT4 – FXPRIMUS

    You must be thinking about how to convert your earnings to cash. You are on the right Blog! Read through now! Go to the menu side and under ‘Withdrawal’ there is a submenu for ‘Withdraw from MT4’ Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Enter your account’s password and click ‘Confirm’. If you have applied to any promos of FxPrimus, note that there are some warnings that might appear. Click ‘I understand, continue’ You will be redirected to the list of the options. Take note that what you are using when you fund your account should be the same method that you will use when you withdraw an amount. For…

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    How to Open a Forex Trading Account – FXPRIMUS

    This is another investment vehicle that we are now trying to ride in hopes that this will help us amidst this pandemic – uncertain when will this end. Personally, I only hear about Forex or simply read about them but this year changes it all. I was introduced to the Forex world with a friend who became my one on one coach. To share this with you here’s a little tutorial on how to open an account. For beginners, you probably heard about Forex being illegal – to answer this yes, this is illegal in the Philippines since this was all forgotten way back, and license to operate is not…