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    Reflection: Seek to Understand than to be Understood (2022)

    It’s Me, Hi! The year has ended and maybe it’s time to put up some reflection on this blog. I wouldn’t call my 2022 a fun ride, but it was definitely necessary. I figuratively lost people this year and made confrontations that somehow made up the title of this blog. Seek to understand than to be understood, I live by this quote all my life. I put this out there across all my social media thinking people can ponder on it and make an extra effort to make this place a better place to live. This year it backfired on me, people use this quote to make me somehow feel…

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    Hey Kid!

    I once thought that I don’t deserve to laugh – to have fun. Back to the good old grade school days, I always carry with me a hanky. I don’t possess so much growing up but my hankies are something that’s always been there (even though sometimes I misplaced them). Whenever I’m in a group and they joke around, I would snatch my hankies from my pocket and put them just in front of my lips, and laugh. One time, I was asked ‘Why do you cover your mouth when you laugh?’ and ‘Why do you laugh without sound?’. Then I thought (from my most innocent mind) maybe laughing is…

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    Dedicated Tour Manila 2019

    One of the best experiences I wanted to write about right after it ends is this! If you are following me on Instagram (plugging my account, follow me!) you might come across ‘My Story’ about a countdown for Concert Ticket to go on Sale! The whole concert experience is also one of my highlights on Instagram (in case you wanna see). Originally, ‘Manila Trip 2’ was also dubbed as the ‘Barkada Theater Goals’. We have planned this months and months ago! Around May, Carly Rae has announced an MNL Tour with no specific dates yet. I already booked my plane ticket for this “Theater Goals”. Days after Carly then announce…

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    My First Job and the Blessings in Disguise

    Its not that long ago but I feel like I need to write about my first job. Its not something to be proud of but that’s not stopping me from writing this. We’ll, I landed a job with a one day process. I never thought it’ll be that smooth. It was a job fair somewhere in a mall. It was 3pm tried my luck on interviews and viola, I got a job offer by 6pm. Process my requirements in a matter of days and relocated to the Queen City of the South, Cebu City. It was surreal. I was a Technical Support Representative under Convergys with Sprint as an account.…

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    The Resting Pose

    Stop, Pose, then Rest. The greatest thing I love about posing while my sister hold the camera is that I don’t have to be told what to do. I am always free to pose whatever I want and she’ll just find what angle I look good at. Exchange of ideas, a couple of times. Like, if I suggest this and that, it’ll be done as well as what her request is. esp this one. She was just telling me stuff, making me laugh and she captures it. Followed by this. Truly no pretends, just me and my sister. My silly attempts of portraying a model pose.. Acting, wow, acting.. ahaha…

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    Legally on 20th (biking and street)

      Last Sunday I turned twenty, as in big two-zero. And it feels like oddly strange, then it hit me, I’m no longer a teenage. I don’t wanna cry but huhuhuhu. Anyways, the morning starts as planned.. My sister and I arrange to have a just-like-before shoot. So here it is. I actually categorize this shoots, so typically this is the first part.    I call this one: Like a Boss.               Me and my bike on the streets. It was awesome strolling the village early the morning.Were lucky a lot of people are still not buzzing around.         judileeWelcome to…

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    University Digital Arts (UDA)

    On my 4th year in college, after passing through the 3rd year, like imagine you’ll gonna go from one side to the other of this w-i-d-e river (that’ll test your capability to survive the engineering curriculum), it must be really tough, eh? Well to do that, my instinct says, you must’ve build a bridge to go pass through but, do you know what I’ve done? I build my barge, conquer the heavy current and reach the other side. That was indeed a hard year. Every year is, actually. And yey, after the school year 2014-2015 (in my 4th year) I must at least give myself a heads up and a…

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    Maleficent (2014)

    I watched Maleficent on May 31. I always wanted to see it in the cinemas so I gladly take my chance and be in line to grab a ticket. Yes I was alone for a reason. Anyhow, I never intended to watch it on 3D but the seat reservations on the hours within the time frame I set is fully occupied. Actually not just the next viewing but all through out the day. So being next on the line, I abruptly decide right then to get a reservation of Maleficent in 3D at 2:40pm which is an hour or so of waiting from the time I finally got a seat.…

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    Dahilayan’s Plaza and More

    The best photo on my visit in the plaza. Although there’s an entrance fee of 100php but it is worth the money I can say. They all have this animal figures, name it and you’ll find it. But we never stayed long at the plaza we just ate lunch, have some few clicks and go back to the adventure park for another pack of rides. The day was gloomy and was about to rain, gladly the rain decided to come another day. The people I’ve been with was really genuine. I’ve never been with them before, like talking and chatting but we’ve been acquainted few times since they’re my sisters…

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    Dahilayan Adventure Park’s Rides

    The place was truly created for adventure and for a teenager who love nature and challenge just like myself, I immediately love the place. It was divine and lovely. If I just knew that you can actually took a video while enjoying the ride on python roller coaster, I would’ve since the acceleration depends on how much you weigh, (you can be stuck if you’re not heavy enough) therefore my phase is calm and the view is worth capturing too bad I’ve been informed late.  Consequently, it was following a walking path so its just like you’re travelling with people but you’re just elevated with a good view. The aeroglider…