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    The Resting Pose

    Stop, Pose, then Rest. The greatest thing I love about posing while my sister hold the camera is that I don’t have to be told what to do. I am always free to pose whatever I want and she’ll just find what angle I look good at. Exchange of ideas, a couple of times. Like, if I suggest this and that, it’ll be done as well as what her request is. esp this one. She was just telling me stuff, making me laugh and she captures it. Followed by this. Truly no pretends, just me and my sister. My silly attempts of portraying a model pose.. Acting, wow, acting.. ahaha…

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    Legally on 20th (biking and street)

      Last Sunday I turned twenty, as in big two-zero. And it feels like oddly strange, then it hit me, I’m no longer a teenage. I don’t wanna cry but huhuhuhu. Anyways, the morning starts as planned.. My sister and I arrange to have a just-like-before shoot. So here it is. I actually categorize this shoots, so typically this is the first part.    I call this one: Like a Boss.               Me and my bike on the streets. It was awesome strolling the village early the morning.Were lucky a lot of people are still not buzzing around.         judileeWelcome to…

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    Connecting with Nature (Yellow&Green)

    I don’t know if someone out there is reading this or is checking my blog out but I’ve got the chance to visit Dahilayan Adventure Park 🙂 Its like the coolest place ever!! For people like me who can’t get enough of nature? This place is a thirst quencher for adventure, thrill and exploit. Engaging to an activity like this, clothing matters to make it the best moment. So here’s what I’m comfortable wearing for such an event. We came here to explore so a shoe is a must in the outfit. Being up to an adventure means wearing a short plus considering the climate is choosing a lengthy sleeve…

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    On a Cafe that reminds me “Begin Again”

    I was always fascinated of getting inside a cafe. Enjoying the calming music and the positive energy you can gain by consuming a single tea. Well everything was on my hand last Monday. Though it was not my first time drinking a tea but it was my first time to realize how it feels like to get a whole cup of tea with a relaxing ambiance, individual person around you are happily talking and it was like the world has no worst part. The exciting part is that the whole experience only reminds me of the song entitled Begin Again sung by Taylor Swift which actually just been released. The part “On a Wednesday…