• Mary Magdalene
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    Easter Sunday, the Three Women, and Where’s Mary

    Who are these three women at the tomb of Christ during the Easter Sunday? Mark 16:1-2: “And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, bought sweet spices, that coming, they might anoint Jesus. And very early in the morning, the first day of the week, they come to the sepulchre, the sun being now risen.” These women, based on Mark 16:1-2, were: Mary Magdalene Mary, mother of James Salome How great really the faith of these women that they believe that the Lord resurrected from the dead though they didn’t see the body. Unlike Thomas on today’s Sunday Gospel. I was thinking…

  • verity
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    Verity Short Review

    I’ve given this book a go because of the people recommending it to someone who wanted to read a book from a Villain’s point of view. Basing my next read indulgence on that thought, more than half of myself assume one character will turn out to be the “bad guy” and I’m just waiting for any moment for them to snap; like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. I forgot Villains are still human and they too have a story to tell. To be completely honest, this book has given me nightmares – I refuse to listen to it during nighttime (Audible was my platform of choice). This book will…

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    Not a Mother’s Day Greeting

    We can all agree our Mom’s the best Mom, the best cook, our best friend etc. We sometimes simply say they’re amazing as we can’t fathom how they can fit everything; from budgeting, chores needed to finish on time, even your clothes on luggage and you found yourself shying away cause yet again she proved you wrong. Some while juggling a job. Truth is it’s an everyday learning, those first-time moms hang in there, y’all doing great! At this moment, I also wanted to bring to the limelight those women who experience loss, made sacrifices, and arrive at decisions of a lifetime. Those who gave their life to become breadwinners,…

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    Pay Pag-ibig Housing Loan thru Gcash

    I would literally gone crazy thinking of ways to pay Pag-ibig Housing Loan without Gcash. Gcash has made my life easy, convenient and instant. Thanks for its services that they keep on adding constantly. I usually pay my dues thru my bank, Metrobank. However, I stop receiving email notification regarding my housing loan monthly bill (I asked the Pag-ibig customer service and says email notification is in halt). Which is totally necessary for paying as it includes a unique reference number – without it, the only other way is to go to any payment center (I don’t really go out these days). Glad Gcash is now a verified Payment Partner.…

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    Tech: Huawei Wearables

    I am a fan of tech, an avid user if you would categorize. 2019 was really one of the year you can say wearables are now stable and since this was introduce around 2017-2018 the price is also way affordable. My first Huawei Wearable is Huawei Freebuds Lite! This was one of the best buys of 2019. My previous earplug was from KZ which is totally dope as well. This is totally an upgrade I must say. Since the day I purchase this, I only got 1 update. Noticed nothing really but somehow it was about security or connection/bluetooth update. Superb Battery as well, I can use this 3 days…

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    Job’s Story

    I remember you. Yes, you. I can’t reach out now but I hope this finds you well. Of all your struggles, I often tell you God is always there. Please always have faith and pray. Pray – every night you remind me so often esp when I get nightmares. Your reminders irritates me sometimes as I always do so every night, it appears as if I’m not praying ‘enough’. However, I realize now how genuine that message is. It must have been hard for you to pray and believe in miracles having experienced a lot of loss. You know, I pray for you every night and hardly on nights when…

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    What?? Degree Holder??

    I must feel very successful upon writing this. To tell you the truth, Its been a year since I got my diploma, it’s mixed emotions I have now and none of it is success. Here goes the explanation you are looking forward to read (I’m just assuming that you are, haha) Well, I got the pride my relatives have towards me, aside from being called an Engineer (which reddens my cheeks every time cause I’m not suppose to be called one for I did not take a board exam – no board exam for my course in that matter). I resigned from my first ever job, for a service of…

  • nsdkjf
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    An Overly Attached Person

    Hi, it’s Jude and I just feel the need to introduce myself because I wanted to give you a heads up on who you are dealing with. I am not tryna be anything or appear like I’m tough nevertheless. Instead I am here vulnerable talking some sense into you and some kick of enlightenment if ever my attachment to current events and to slight environment changes gets to you. Yes, I am an overly attached person and I am aware of that. I am one who’ll spent the rest of day on a bad mood if some couple whom I followed online breaks up. I am one who’ll bulge my…

  • 1.1
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    The day I turned even more Legal

    Heck YES!! I’m now 21 years above the earths surface. I don’t know if this should call for a celebration but we celebrated though, but not as crazy as mostly people do when they turned at this age. But whatever, celebration is still a celebration. As always, I wanted to celebrate today with the most important being on my life. Always been blessed to be a part of this family that tightens its bond even more through the years. My life wouldn’t be the same without you guys. I owe this life to you. Well, we dined and celebrated with Countryside Steakhouse located at Limketkai Mall. With this deli. Happy…

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    Friendship on the ROUGH

                This is a story of a girl who came to terms with her self’s wants. By wants, means everything that can make her happy. She never believe being happy is a status, it’s merely a word to her that any human say to make the other envy them. To her, being in her unscratched, inflexed constant normal face is staying in the neural side of things. Because by the time she heard about physics law that states “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, which she truly believes now. She starts to live with it. She don’t want to be happy…