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    Postpaid Globe and Smart Handset Unlocking (iPhone Device Unlocking)

    With easy access to 2nd hand phones these days and how quickly people transfer from one phone to another it is necessary to know how to unlock these phones or to know if your device is carrier-locked. Here’s how to know if your iPhone is locked or unlocked: Go to Settings -> General -> About -> Scroll down to Carrier Lock If it says No Sim Restrictions, then, your phone is unlocked, therefore, any SIM can be used on this device. If not, click that area and more info will show. For Globe Postpaid Handsets, your device will be unlocked automatically after the contract expires. For Smart, you may file…

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    Game Idea: Bisaya to English Translation

    Games make a gathering extra fun and memorable. And living in a progressive city in Mindanao it is for someone not too acquainted with deep Bisaya terms to start getting to know them, and what’s the best way to remember a word is through an engaging activity. I have made a slide of this game wherein you can use them on your next event. Mechanics: When a Bisaya sentence is projected on the wall/screen, a group member should try to translate the sentence into English. Depending on the consequences, when someone does not translate it correctly they’ll be punished. The slides consist of 4 sets, wherein 2 playing groups should…

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    Verity Short Review

    I’ve given this book a go because of the people recommending it to someone who wanted to read a book from a Villain’s point of view. Basing my next read indulgence on that thought, more than half of myself assume one character will turn out to be the “bad guy” and I’m just waiting for any moment for them to snap; like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. I forgot Villains are still human and they too have a story to tell. To be completely honest, this book has given me nightmares – I refuse to listen to it during nighttime (Audible was my platform of choice). This book will…

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    Tech: Huawei Wearables

    I am a fan of tech, an avid user if you would categorize. 2019 was really one of the year you can say wearables are now stable and since this was introduce around 2017-2018 the price is also way affordable. My first Huawei Wearable is Huawei Freebuds Lite! This was one of the best buys of 2019. My previous earplug was from KZ which is totally dope as well. This is totally an upgrade I must say. Since the day I purchase this, I only got 1 update. Noticed nothing really but somehow it was about security or connection/bluetooth update. Superb Battery as well, I can use this 3 days…

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    Future Nostalgia

    Since the Future Nostalgia album was dropped, theres no passing day these tracks were not blasting on speakers! The tracks were very upbeat! From the first single, Don’t Start Now followed by Physical. I knew this album will be a hit. Dua Lipa hinted about the tracks being inspired by the 80’s Pop. True enough you can feel the nostalgia. Sharing you my personal best lines of each tracks.Aside from the 3 singles, my personal top 3 favorite were Love Again, Levitating and Break my Heart. What’s yours? ☺️ Art by Moy Gonzalez ( and judileeWelcome to my personal space. A young professional in the IT world. I am…

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    Crash Landing On You

    How many times did KDramas change every girl’s life? Apparently, every time they finish one! In a single night! Haha I’m a girl and is personally still caught by the fever! If you know me, I’m not really into Kfever! I don’t despise them really, I just have my own preference. In fact, I also dream of going to Blackpink’s Concert. My personal interest sometimes is influenced by what’s hot and what’s on top of the trend chart, you know you get curious! And curiosity gets the best of us! (Along with my sister and my mother) I remember, we started watching them on the start of the week. That’s…

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    The Witch of Portobello

    I wanted to write something about this book and I decided to put it in here. I’ll be writing in raw impromptu composition right now, if that even make sense. First of all, I wanted to raise a glass for Paulo Coelho (author) for being so brilliant. I mean honestly reading the book have change me, spiritually and emotionally. For starters, it was the end of first semester and semestrial break is coming and by then I started to read this book. Out of plain boredom, I picked the book from an old dusty shelve at home. Since its time for being lazy and all, getting my butt out of…

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    Maleficent (2014)

    I watched Maleficent on May 31. I always wanted to see it in the cinemas so I gladly take my chance and be in line to grab a ticket. Yes I was alone for a reason. Anyhow, I never intended to watch it on 3D but the seat reservations on the hours within the time frame I set is fully occupied. Actually not just the next viewing but all through out the day. So being next on the line, I abruptly decide right then to get a reservation of Maleficent in 3D at 2:40pm which is an hour or so of waiting from the time I finally got a seat.…

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    The Amazing Spiderman 2

    I’ve watch the Part 1 and its rad. This time, I know it will amp up my May by watching it on 3D and its worth it. I’m like actually riding an amusement park’s ride. The stomach crunches I get on every scenes just can’t escape my body. The feeling I get while watching it still trap on every veins I have on  my body. I know cause I felt it even just by looking at the pictures. Oh God I’m gonna go again and blow my nose. This by far is my most anticipated hero movie. Never been hooked by any superhero character but Spidey, I think I love…