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    Verity Short Review

    I’ve given this book a go because of the people recommending it to someone who wanted to read a book from a Villain’s point of view. Basing my next read indulgence on that thought, more than half of myself assume one character will turn out to be the “bad guy” and I’m just waiting for any moment for them to snap; like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. I forgot Villains are still human and they too have a story to tell. To be completely honest, this book has given me nightmares – I refuse to listen to it during nighttime (Audible was my platform of choice). This book will…

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    The Witch of Portobello

    I wanted to write something about this book and I decided to put it in here. I’ll be writing in raw impromptu composition right now, if that even make sense. First of all, I wanted to raise a glass for Paulo Coelho (author) for being so brilliant. I mean honestly reading the book have change me, spiritually and emotionally. For starters, it was the end of first semester and semestrial break is coming and by then I started to read this book. Out of plain boredom, I picked the book from an old dusty shelve at home. Since its time for being lazy and all, getting my butt out of…