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  • Crash Landing On You
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    Crash Landing On You

    How many times did KDramas change every girl’s life? Apparently, every time they finish one! In a single night! Haha I’m a girl and is personally still caught by the fever! If you know me, I’m not really into Kfever! I don’t despise them really, I just have my own preference. In fact, I also dream of going to Blackpink’s Concert. My personal interest sometimes is influenced by what’s hot and what’s on top of the trend chart, you know you get curious! And curiosity gets the best of us! (Along with my sister and my mother) I remember, we started watching them on the start of the week. That’s…

  • malefique affiche1 by silviya d7apctu 1
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    Maleficent (2014)

    I watched Maleficent on May 31. I always wanted to see it in the cinemas so I gladly take my chance and be in line to grab a ticket. Yes I was alone for a reason. Anyhow, I never intended to watch it on 3D but the seat reservations on the hours within the time frame I set is fully occupied. Actually not just the next viewing but all through out the day. So being next on the line, I abruptly decide right then to get a reservation of Maleficent in 3D at 2:40pm which is an hour or so of waiting from the time I finally got a seat.…

  • peter parker amazing spider man wide
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    The Amazing Spiderman 2

    I’ve watch the Part 1 and its rad. This time, I know it will amp up my May by watching it on 3D and its worth it. I’m like actually riding an amusement park’s ride. The stomach crunches I get on every scenes just can’t escape my body. The feeling I get while watching it still trap on every veins I have on ┬ámy body. I know cause I felt it even just by looking at the pictures. Oh God I’m gonna go again and blow my nose. This by far is my most anticipated hero movie. Never been hooked by any superhero character but Spidey, I think I love…