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    Sunlife Maxilink Prime Policy Review (Self Review)

    With the overload of ideas and life hacks we stumble upon in our daily social media lives, we sometimes absorb these ideologies without doing enough research on our own. I joined a financial group on Facebook as an earning individual that aspires to expand her financial portfolio. While a member of this group, I bump into people surrendering their policies – not just any policies but specifically VUL (variable universal life) Insurance. After enough time lurking in the comments section and reading posts within the group, I concluded some members is against this type of insurance. In a summary and from what I have read, the people in the group…

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    Pay Pag-ibig Housing Loan thru Gcash

    I would literally gone crazy thinking of ways to pay Pag-ibig Housing Loan without Gcash. Gcash has made my life easy, convenient and instant. Thanks for its services that they keep on adding constantly. I usually pay my dues thru my bank, Metrobank. However, I stop receiving email notification regarding my housing loan monthly bill (I asked the Pag-ibig customer service and says email notification is in halt). Which is totally necessary for paying as it includes a unique reference number – without it, the only other way is to go to any payment center (I don’t really go out these days). Glad Gcash is now a verified Payment Partner.…