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Me Being 18 @ the Photo Booth (Part 2)

And the moment has come, At the photo booth
Me at 18th with My Family 😀
My Family who made all the effort.
With my Parents.
IMG 7220
 With my parents, Ate Yani & Kuya Bryan (my sister’s bf).
IMG 7200
 Me and Tito Rommel who also celebrates his B-day. Yep we’re celebrating on the same day.
May 31,2013.
IMG 7208
 Me and my playful neices Say and Yeng-Ying, nephew Ijhon and cousin Ah-a.
IMG 7197
 The Duck Face.
Couz Landrick, Gaw Klein, Me and Gaw Cin.
Yeah2, we have our own world here.
IMG 7222
I’m with my GrandParents Nanay and Tatay with Ate Eding
IMG 7183
 haha. I’m really such a photo destroyer.. Mah face, what happened??
with Ate Chic, Baby Maxene, Niece Mika, Me, Nephew Ijohn and Gaw Cin.
My other Dimension
IMG 7204
Wetweww!!! Excuse Me, The Ladies are coming.
Tita Bebe, Tita Dayday, Me and Tita Mimi
IMG 7225
I just met this fella who happened to be my baptismal sister. You can tell were shy xDD
IMG 7315
Celebrations are not complete without neighbors.  ‘HI!!’ from me and the Paluga sisters.
IMG 7327
Ken, Stela, Me, MaeM. Rita, Hya and Riego. In fairness to these people, they came right on time except for Riego who arrive the earliest 🙂
IMG 7743
Oh well, I can’t deny his presence on my b-day. So here’s to John :))
I know its new year and it takes a long period of time for me to finally update this post from way way back May 2013. I wanted to keep this blog up to date and hopefully I can commit to this task. Lately, Its like I’ve lost track to what I really wanted to do as a child which is writing that leads me to blogging here. I’m starting new this new year and I hope it’ll be great. See you here often *.*

Welcome to my personal space. A young professional in the IT world. I am interested in finance, investment and a whole lot of hobbies.

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