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    How to Follow Forex Signals

    As what we have learned from previous article Ways to Forex Trade for Beginners and if you are planning to follow some of the Telegram/WhatsApp Channels or other services offering forex signals were you manually do the entries on your MT4 or MT5 account, here are some few tips on how to follow them. Abbreviations Before that, note that these are the abbreviations often used on this article: TP – Take Profit SL – Stop Loss BE – Break Even BE+ – Break Even plus (some pips more that the Break Even) So here are the steps that I have learned following signals especially on those good channels offering.  …

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    Forex Trading for Beginners

    In past two years of learning and trading forex, I really learned in a hard way that controlling the emotions is really a good training when we are into trading. So these are the possible ways to do trading for those who want to start directly. ROBOTS or EA Robots or EAs may be a good start but the problem on this approach is that there are times that these cannot predict the market, especially on High Impact News or there is an NFP. Thus there is a high risk of blowing the account on this. So most traders using this approach recommended to pause or stop or not to…

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    Verity Short Review

    I’ve given this book a go because of the people recommending it to someone who wanted to read a book from a Villain’s point of view. Basing my next read indulgence on that thought, more than half of myself assume one character will turn out to be the “bad guy” and I’m just waiting for any moment for them to snap; like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. I forgot Villains are still human and they too have a story to tell. To be completely honest, this book has given me nightmares – I refuse to listen to it during nighttime (Audible was my platform of choice). This book will…

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    Pay SSS Contribution using Gcash

    With the pandemic affecting our everyday lives, it is very convenient to pay contributions online esp for our parent’s accounts. I have discovered this alternative way back and I thought to share this with you. Gcash is a philippine game changer app (I can say), most of what I needed to pay digitally are on this app – and they still keep on improving each day. Some bills require a transaction fee of 5php (as observed) but for this particular payment they won’t charge you – hopefully, this will not change. With no further ado, here’s how you pay SSS contribution via Gcash: Step 1) You need to generate PRN…

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    Generate PRN for your SSS Online Payment

    You must be wondering if it’s possible to pay the SSS contribution and SSS Loan Online. And yes, this is now possible. For you to be able to pay your SSS due, you need to have a PRN number. PRN or Payment Reference Number can be generated on your account. Follow through to know more. If you wanted to generate PRN for your Loan, skip to the next part of this tutorial. For Monthly Contribution PRN: Step 1) You must have access to your SSS account. Login to your account thru: https://member.sss.gov.ph/members Step 2) On your dashboard, hover your mouse to Payment Reference Number (PRN) – Contributions and select Generate…

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    Pay Pag-ibig HL via NEW Metrobank Online

    This new system was introduced last year, the bank encouraged consumers to sign up or convert their existing account – I, too, obliged. Previously, mobile app account logins are not used as your web account logins, these two are somehow not related. But with the new system, mobile app account logins are now also your web account logins – which should always be the case. Glad this was brought to the table and was resolved. Paying Pag-ibig HL thru the new system is pretty straight forward, user friendly and its UI/UX are simple to follow.1) Sign in to see your Dashboard. 2) Then click on the ‘Pay Bills’ button. And…

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    Hey Kid!

    I once thought that I don’t deserve to laugh – to have fun. Back to the good old grade school days, I always carry with me a hanky. I don’t possess so much growing up but my hankies are something that’s always been there (even sometimes I misplaced them). Whenever I’m in a group and they joke around, I would snatch my hankies from my pocket and put them just in front of my lips and laugh. One time, I was asked ‘Why do you cover your mouth when you laugh?’ and ‘Why do you laugh without sound?’. Then I thought (from my most innocent mind) maybe laughing is only…

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    Not a Mother’s Day Greeting

    We can all agree our Mom’s the best Mom, the best cook, our bestfriend etc. We sometimes simply say they’re amazing as we can’t fathom how they can fit everything; from budgeting, chores needed to finish on time, even your clothes on a luggage and you found yourself shy away cause yet again she proved you wrong. Some while juggling a job. Truth is its an everyday learning, those first time moms hang in there, y’all doing great! At this moment, I also wanted to bring to the limelight those women who experience loss, made sacrifices and arrive to decisions of a lifetime. Those who gave their life to become…

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    Pay MCWD via GCash

    Launch the Gcash app and log in to your account via biometrics/MPIN. Go to Pay Bills > Water Utilities > MCWD   Fill up the form. Enter your Consumer Code, Account name, Amount and Email Address (optional).     Once all are accurate, tap on ‘Next’.   Once all are accurate, tap on ‘Next’. Input the amount to pay and select which Payment Source you will pay with GCash (default) or GCredit (optional).     Review data on the confirmation page and click ‘Confirm’. This is the transaction successful page wherein you get a reference number of the transaction and where the transaction fee of ₱5.00 reflects.     You will also receive a confirmation…