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    Pay SSS Contribution using Gcash

    With the pandemic affecting our everyday lives, it is very convenient to pay contributions online esp for our parent’s accounts. I have discovered this alternative way back and I thought to share this with you. Gcash is a philippine game changer app (I can say), most of what I needed to pay digitally are on this app – and they still keep on improving each day. Some bills require a transaction fee of 5php (as observed) but for this particular payment they won’t charge you – hopefully, this will not change. With no further ado, here’s how you pay SSS contribution via Gcash: Step 1) You need to generate PRN…

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    Finance,  Tutorial

    Generate PRN for your SSS Online Payment

    You must be wondering if it’s possible to pay the SSS contribution and SSS Loan Online. And yes, this is now possible. For you to be able to pay your SSS due, you need to have a PRN number. PRN or Payment Reference Number can be generated on your account. Follow through to know more. If you wanted to generate PRN for your Loan, skip to the next part of this tutorial. For Monthly Contribution PRN: Step 1) You must have access to your SSS account. Login to your account thru: https://member.sss.gov.ph/members Step 2) On your dashboard, hover your mouse to Payment Reference Number (PRN) – Contributions and select Generate…