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My Travels in the Philippines.

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    Dahilayan’s Plaza and More

    The best photo on my visit in the plaza. Although there’s an entrance fee of 100php but it is worth the money I can say. They all have this animal figures, name it and you’ll find it. But we never stayed long at the plaza we just ate lunch, have some few clicks and go back to the adventure park for another pack of rides. The day was gloomy and was about to rain, gladly the rain decided to come another day. The people I’ve been with was really genuine. I’ve never been with them before, like talking and chatting but we’ve been acquainted few times since they’re my sisters…

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    Dahilayan Adventure Park’s Rides

    The place was truly created for adventure and for a teenager who love nature and challenge just like myself, I immediately love the place. It was divine and lovely. If I just knew that you can actually took a video while enjoying the ride on python roller coaster, I would’ve since the acceleration depends on how much you weigh, (you can be stuck if you’re not heavy enough) therefore my phase is calm and the view is worth capturing too bad I’ve been informed late.  Consequently, it was following a walking path so its just like you’re travelling with people but you’re just elevated with a good view. The aeroglider…

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    Connecting with Nature (Yellow&Green)

    I don’t know if someone out there is reading this or is checking my blog out but I’ve got the chance to visit Dahilayan Adventure Park 🙂 Its like the coolest place ever!! For people like me who can’t get enough of nature? This place is a thirst quencher for adventure, thrill and exploit. Engaging to an activity like this, clothing matters to make it the best moment. So here’s what I’m comfortable wearing for such an event. We came here to explore so a shoe is a must in the outfit. Being up to an adventure means wearing a short plus considering the climate is choosing a lengthy sleeve…

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    Resort de Alberto

    For the night, we stayed at Resort de Alberto in Medina, Misamis Oriental. Night swimming is until 10pm so they grab the chances but for a girl with a bad timing of monthly occurring event. I never got the chance to experience the pool. But I explore the whole place 🙂 So this is my part of exploring. A selfie before getting into bed :))  The next morning we explore the seaside. Mornings are just so refreshing when you see a wide view of any bodies of water. Waking up to this view is a bliss. Its like breathing a new kind of air 🙂 Staying for a night in…

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    Kan-anan by the Sea

    Following the call of our tummy’s demand and with all the adventures and the exploring with the zoo we decided to stop by in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. Seafood in Talisayan are referred to as one of the best seafood to try and since it is along the way, we took the advice. Here we come Talisayan :)) The Kan.anan by the Sea entrance.  The Restaurant’s Logo in a concrete display with Ate KC. Waiting for our food to be served 🙂 Ate Yani and Kuya Bryan <3 Reaching this part and looking at this picture in an instant it just makes me starve. Honestly, the way the food was cooked,…

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    Mantianak Zoological and Botanical Park II

    My second blog entry of the road trip 🙂 I got busy with school, so I kind of abandoned the blog for a while but finally I got hold of my schedules and got enough sleep. So here are the adorable people I’ve been with. I’m probably the youngest but hey, I can get into conversation with them. The road trip was never an awkward situation for me. It was great to be around people who’s as brilliant as these people are. They really inspire me and all. Here’s my ever beloved Sister Yani and her significant other, Kuya Bryan. They look goo together right? Posing in front of the…

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    Roadtrip First Stop: Mantianak Zoological and Botanical Park

    Last weekend, my sister together with her friends and me (but I’m more of a hitcher) has decided to go on a road trip. From Cagayan de Oro City to our hometown Gingoog City. It was not on the plan to check this place out but that’s the true essence of roadtrip, right? To drop by on random places and just plainly enjoy the journey, and that’s what we definitely did. Our first stop was Mantianak Zoological and  Botanical Park.  This Place was really divine and it never fails to amaze me every single time. I’ve been here before, last new year 2013 and still the feeling I have the…