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A Day with my Family

Awnaw. My birthday is simple.
Surrounded with the basic people who I reminded myself as the one’s I exactly needed.
Started with photoshoot which you might have seen  on my Facebook or on my recent posts in here.
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Me with birthday cake.
Honestly, I was surprised my cake don’t have something that says “Happy Birthday Jude!!” which I had every year. Guess this year’s not the same after all xD
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All Girl’s Selfie haha
IMG 20150531 174852 %25E5%2589%25AF%25E6%259C%25AC
Sisterly Selfie 🙂 I gotta admit I look older than my sister T.T
Im happy for her though, of course shes my sistah :DD
IMG 20150531 175356 %25E5%2589%25AF%25E6%259C%25AC
We were headed to eat out actually. And that’s the thing I wanted to happen in my birthday.
Simple and smiles 🙂 My parents came to CDO to celebrate it. I feel so touched.
IMG 20150531 182915 %25E5%2589%25AF%25E6%259C%25AC
My Mothers fail attempt of copying my fathers pose.. haha
IMG 20150531 182937
Me being ecstatic and my sister taking all the pic she could take.
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IMG 20150531 184751 %25E5%2589%25AF%25E6%259C%25AC
Days like this dont happen everyday that’s why I’m blogging about it.
Plus the food is actually really good.
I am forever thankful for having these persons in my life. They totally made me complete.
Supported me on the past 20 years I’ve been able to breathe.
By simply just being there.
I’ll never be in my 20-year-old self without you guys.
I Love You.

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