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Dahilayan Adventure Park’s Rides

The place was truly created for adventure and for a teenager who love nature and challenge just like myself, I immediately love the place. It was divine and lovely. If I just knew that you can actually took a video while enjoying the ride on python roller coaster, I would’ve since the acceleration depends on how much you weigh, (you can be stuck if you’re not heavy enough) therefore my phase is calm and the view is worth capturing too bad I’ve been informed late.
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 Consequently, it was following a walking path so its just like you’re travelling with people but you’re just elevated with a good view.
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The aeroglider is kind of a test on how strong your muscles can go. You can’t reach the finish line if your weak but you surely can rest once in a while. You got to travel a high, steady and low slope cable wires for an approximate 15 mins, so you better have a good reflexes and is capable in dealing complications. It is soft to pedal but when you’re in there your ultimate enemy is the wind. It can be cold but you just have to go on, there’s no one there to help, you gotta help your own self.
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The obstacle course, this one excites me. I think I got this fear of heights ever since I can remember but this help me face it. I was all smiles, but you just don’t know how hard I try to steady my knees. You seen that white ropes? That totally got my nerves bursts, I was about to surrender by then. I’m glad that my sister is leading the way. She’s telling me to go on, that’s its okay. Honestly, that was the best part of this trip. It made me realize that no matter how may times I’ll fail, how weak I am and how discouraged I can be, she’ll always be there giving me a pat in the back and giving me a little push. I know its all me but with my sister, she just brings out the bravery I never thought I’ve got. Maybe that’s the reason why I overcome those obstacles. I am lost without my sister, she’s truly my savior.
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The dropzone was a little bit fun for me, for those who don’t believe me, you should try it yourself. It probably will change your mind. Once you were on top? oh gosh the scenery is just so sweet. It was the ride of my life. I even got the chance to wave on people below, that’s how wonderful is being on top. I can clearly picture on my mind what I felt and how my body flutters on that time. It was one of the longest minutes of my life, esp. pulling the stranded rope.  I can’t ever dare to forget it. You seen our facial expressions on the photo? That never fail to bring a smile on my face. It was the experience I was looking for.
I wake up the next day with muscle cramps but it makes me happy. It was the good kind of pain. I’m Happy. Dahilayan Adventure Park MADE me HAPPY.

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