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Dedicated Tour Manila 2019

One of the best experiences I wanted to write about right after it ends is this!

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I didn’t get their name but appreciate how they come together dressed up as Carly from No Drug like Me MV

If you are following me on Instagram (plugging my account, follow me!) you might come across ‘My Story’ about a countdown for Concert Ticket to go on Sale! The whole concert experience is also one of my highlights on Instagram (in case you wanna see).

Originally, ‘Manila Trip 2’ was also dubbed as the ‘Barkada Theater Goals’. We have planned this months and months ago! Around May, Carly Rae has announced an MNL Tour with no specific dates yet. I already booked my plane ticket for this “Theater Goals”. Days after Carly then announce the concert tour date!

The date fits in on the itinerary but I just have to be early than others. Yay! but how about my plane ticket?! Well, my friend persuaded me to take this chance and wait for the concert ticket selling. When that day and time came! I couldn’t help but be teary-eyed esp when I land myself a ticket on the VVIP section ?. Then follow the rebooking of the plane ticket. Malaki bayad pero give your all na! haha

Then the night came, I could not imagine this dream would be in front of me. I’ve been a jepsie since #callmemaybe, love her first album too even with all the pop discography! Her pop songs are the ones I dance around on weekends! Gosh, I totally release my body to go with the melody that night and be all there.

That night as well made me believe in possibilities. Carly glided around the stage in her flowing, colorful, almost-see-through dress. Her intro of songs is also everything, ‘There shouldn’t be no such thing as too much’ -Too Much, ‘Heartbreak – I stole a guys bike to get it out’ -Fever, ‘I hate breakup speech if I could just go to the store’ -Store.

I wouldn’t trade that night for anything! It was so surreal! I also mention this on my social media but is telling you as well here – I don’t want to get used to the feeling of the concert. I want to always experience it like it is my first time.

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They always tease me my next concert should be Taylor Swift but nah! That’s another impossible! Let’s see y’all!

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