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Game Idea: Bisaya to English Translation

Games make a gathering extra fun and memorable. And living in a progressive city in Mindanao it is for someone not too acquainted with deep Bisaya terms to start getting to know them, and what’s the best way to remember a word is through an engaging activity. I have made a slide of this game wherein you can use them on your next event.

Mechanics: When a Bisaya sentence is projected on the wall/screen, a group member should try to translate the sentence into English. Depending on the consequences, when someone does not translate it correctly they’ll be punished. The slides consist of 4 sets, wherein 2 playing groups should draw.

Some Bisaya words on the game and their meaning:

Hulagway – Picture

Lapyahan – Shoreline

Pahiyom – Smile

Ngilngig – Worse

Bahandi – Treasure

Nagtambayayong – Worked Together

Panimbaya – Say Hi / Greet 

Pakigdait – Peace

Dagitab – Electricity

Kaespiso – Oversaturated

Tunghaan – School

Ganggangan – Coconut Drier

Nalisang – Terrified

Kakulian – Problems/Complications

Napamalandongan – Realized

Giloom – Buried within me

Bidlisiw – Sunrise

Yamog – Dew

Giunongan – Stand by me/them

Takulahaw – Sudden

Lunhaw – Green

Ginasaolog – Celebrate

For the game here’s the link:  LBI Game 2022 YEP

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