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Hey Kid!

I once thought that I don’t deserve to laugh – to have fun. Back to the good old grade school days, I always carry with me a hanky. I don’t possess so much growing up but my hankies are something that’s always been there (even though sometimes I misplaced them). Whenever I’m in a group and they joke around, I would snatch my hankies from my pocket and put them just in front of my lips, and laugh. One time, I was asked ‘Why do you cover your mouth when you laugh?’ and ‘Why do you laugh without sound?’. Then I thought (from my most innocent mind) maybe laughing is only for certain people who do it the ‘correct’ way. Trying to fit in, I practiced how to laugh. And I thought I perfected it but then I received comments like ‘I never expected you to laugh like that haha, it’s just that you look too modest to laugh that way’ 🤷‍♀️ Hearing that, I laughed to myself hahaha, and let it go.

I don’t have the best advice for my younger self, but I learned that when people are genuine to you and you reciprocate, laughter is your second language. You would know that you have a place in my heart when you heard me laugh uncontrollably. And by this, thank you for always giving me time to recover after a good laugh 😂 You people are my people! ❤️ I hope you are all okay 💕

Welcome to my personal space. A young professional in the IT world. I am interested in finance, investment and a whole lot of hobbies.

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