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Maleficent (2014)

I watched Maleficent on May 31. I always wanted to see it in the cinemas so I gladly take my chance and be in line to grab a ticket. Yes I was alone for a reason. Anyhow, I never intended to watch it on 3D but the seat reservations on the hours within the time frame I set is fully occupied. Actually not just the next viewing but all through out the day. So being next on the line, I abruptly decide right then to get a reservation of Maleficent in 3D at 2:40pm which is an hour or so of waiting from the time I finally got a seat. So with all the time left for shopping food, which I’m  pretty well good at, I somehow gathered a whole lot of crunches to enjoy in the theaters (cons on getting a ticket earlier of time and with money to spend on your pocket).

So much of the intro. Forwarding it an hour later, now, I got two boxes of single pizzas, one pack of squid flavored sticks (Not sticks really, tbh I cant remember what it is but I love seafood so yeah), one pack of a large local branded chips and one liter of commercialized cold tea. Pretty much a food trip eh?

Consequently, 3D glasses are now on and were ready to enjoy the show. The movie was being narrated by a girl, telling it blow by blow of how Maleficent lived from a cheerful little fella to a sweet sixteen young adult and finally to a fully blossomed lady. Maleficent exist because she need to keep the balance of an atmosphere and it is in need of her precious protection. That’s the story all in all but I know you’re wondering how she end up cursing Aurora.

Maleficent’s only crutch is believing on someone that she have been warned to stay away from. She’d been ignorant of attention and affection. I know that feeling and I truly understand Maleficent. Without her parents, she grow up. For feeling isolated your whole life, how can you despise someone who made you special? Who made you smile? That’s what she felt, she just cant shut off Stephen even after long years of not connecting. She accept him with arms wide open like shed never been hurt waiting for him to visit.

And then there comes a time where the humanity wants to rule the world owning all the treasures the world can offer. The evil trait occupy the mindsets of the descendants of the king in rule. It was very heartbreaking to see it the way of eventually getting the feeling that your actually part of the revolution. I as a viewer disgust the peoples will to be powerful. Sadly, Stephen is one of those kind. He aim to be king and he did but he sure does not play it fair. He use Maleficent’s vulnerability which is being with him.

She felt safe and protected when she’s with Stephen, very much that she put her guards down. It was make or break situation for Maleficent when after the war Stephen popped from nowhere and suddenly spends time with her. I can cry writing this part, but let the tears roll anyway. This is the best part. She was innocent as a clear sky, she accepts him without the doubt of revenge from his eyes. She loves him obviously, she just cant recognize it. They spend the night together rekindling relationship. As what Maleficent say to Aurora “There is evil in this world….” and that’s what Stephen have that night. He cut her wings, her wings who stand by her all the time. Imagine how devastated Maleficent having to face the next days being totally alone.

If I were her, I don’t know if I can ever pick myself up. I could cry all day, all night and accept that it is the end of my world. I will stop living. This is honestly true, I’ll end up dead right there and then. That is why I now look up to Maleficent. With all the kindness in her heart and the innocence of her soul, she’s just an icon of a woman standing up for everything she deserve.

Maleficent never experience pure happiness (or anything closer to that), it doesn’t mean she’s not worthy of it.  She fought hard to live and make everyone be provided with smiles which in account gives her the right to be happy herself. But she’s not. I don’t know if I’m still talking about Maleficent here or myself? lols

Well, she avenge her suffering through someone she think is special to the King Stephen which later on was actually special on her life. Regret is indeed always in the end. She tried her best to revoke the curse she made but as she verbalize the spell she added a phrase of “No power on earth can ever break it”, which by means includes her very own power. And oh, the only thing that can break the spell is a true loves kiss. She put it that way because she believed that true love never exist even the king lived by that phrase himself.

At the end, the villain become the hero. Who would’ve thought a story of a villain and at the same time the hero of a story will be this terrific. Its well portrayed and its one epic animated movie. Disney is truly amazing. I give you all the props people 🙂

malefique affiche1 by silviya d7apctu 1


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