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My First Job and the Blessings in Disguise

Its not that long ago but I feel like I need to write about my first job. Its not something to be proud of but that’s not stopping me from writing this. We’ll, I landed a job with a one day process. I never thought it’ll be that smooth. It was a job fair somewhere in a mall. It was 3pm tried my luck on interviews and viola, I got a job offer by 6pm. Process my requirements in a matter of days and relocated to the Queen City of the South, Cebu City. It was surreal.
I was a Technical Support Representative under Convergys with Sprint as an account. Benefits includes: a month dorm stay, a month allowance, a month food allowance. It was scary but worthwhile thinking about it now. I’ve met amazing call center agents, TL’s and teammates. I can say I was exactly where I need to be. I’m not really proud of all my previous choices but its as if a guardian angel lead me to applying to this big company. Never thought I’ll be able to look back and experience that. Convergys is such a huge BPO company and having to start my career in the industry with them makes me really grateful. They have standard procedures that sets as my own standard on choosing the next company I’ll be a part of. I’m not always get my voice heard but I was grateful for the big change the company brought to my life. I know most of the provincial applicants were saying they just applied and will just resign after months when they’ll find a new job in Cebu but not in my case. I was even guilty not to give back to the company by rendering enough time that’ll prove them how thankful I was.
So here’s my story. My first day of work starts on July 16, 2017 (you can’t help but remember the date that changed your life). It was almost 2 months of training, its quick but enough time to be really good, well not entirely my case. There were graduations after a training period and I was named as the “Future SME (Subject Matter Expert)”. Maybe I was just into details and reading HAHA with time to time change of the subcriber’s plan on the portal, I get to answer my teams queries. So yeah, that graduation is just awesome 🙂
On my right: Our OM. On my left: Our TL and Our Sup  
This job exposed me to different kinds of customer, there times I get a kudos call that flutters your heart with TL’s tap on the back saying good job. Times you feel hopeless for trying to resolve a customers issue but still wanted to talk to a supervisor. Times you need to calm down a yelling customer and help them understand that they got $200 dollars back for purchasing instead of another hidden charges, that laugh at the end of the call is priceless. Times you get a spirit lift from someone who knows whats going on with your job, that long AHT was a smile to my face. Times you got a filipino caller and talks to you in tagalog but you need to answer in english, funny but I feel pride 🙂 Times you don’t want to missed a promised callback, their relieved voice at the other end is a music to my ear. For entirety, I was there for a purpose and it feels good to be that bridge that will help resolve their issues. 

The conflict of the story comes in, I actually suffered from respiratory problems for almost 3 months. I was either no voice or was coughing the whole time. So it was really hard for me to continue pursuing this job. After my 7 month, I was advised to resign and my superiors can’t do anything but to let me go. That’s really sad but was really thankful I ever get to experience this whole thing.

Another perks that made me even more thankful is that this whole thing going on here acts as a way for both of my parents to reunite with their long seen relative, by long I mean the last time they saw each other was as little as a grade schooler! Yeah, I know, that looooooooooong!

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 This two pictures is with my mother’s cousins in mandaue
( I can really feel their longing and reminiscing)
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The next two photos is of our weekend in So. Leyte
(Tita, papa’s cousin, is really insistent to bring us to leyte, we cant say no and I was excited)
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These photos are of my parents and my grandparents visiting cebu for a wedding
(the two granny’s on the left are sisters and really cried seeing each other)
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The following photos are of dec 2016 with my relatives here in mindanao visiting So Leyte
(Seeing their faces lights up my own, didn’t get to join them since I need to work but otherwise still happy)
PS: I wanna offer this writing to all the kinds of person I was humbled to get to know on my entire stay in Cebu. You guys rock! To all the struggles we survived, for all the evaluations, for all the trips we took as teammates or even the simple mall strolls, the laughs and lessons. It was entirely worth it, I miss you guys 🙂 Till we met again :*
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