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Posing for some Clicks (Part 3)

Life is build out of love and courage given by our families. You can always come home on a sanctuary where you always find your very self happy and contented. Biological family or Social family if they make you feel good you need them in your life. We are bound with the same love, with the same family and with the same GOD.
IMG 7236
 Another pic with the people who created the event. My Family.


IMG 7268
with my family waiting to finally start eating 😀


IMG 7284
I guess everybody’s a lil busy out here.
IMG 7303
My sister and Me posing for a fine weather outside


IMG 7345
Me and my Tito’s & Tita’s (My Father’s Siblings)
IMG 7348
Mostly with My Cousins, they’re such a beauties.
IMG 7271
The kid inside of me is coming out, Kids give way to the youngest kiddo of all (My Cousins and Nieces)
IMG 7273

I’m with the Earliest Bird, Riego V(*.*)

IMG 7280

With Bhest Ericson and her other half Ayessa.

IMG 7300

Messing the picture while my Gaws are being adorable

IMG 7319

This kiddo is really cute. I can’t help it.

IMG 7390

Laughing with SPA Pals

There were still a whole lot of photo taken on this day but I’m afraid it will flood my blog causing it to be annoying. So I decided this will be the last post about my debut, If you know me from facebook you by chance have seen most of the pics here from your dashboards.
There’s too much to remember and as what I wrote the first part the memory still lingers that I’m still living on it even now. Thank you for the people who celebrates it with me. I’m in legal age now and I should take responsibility of the outcomes of my actions. Be with me as I embrace the life of adulthood.

Welcome to my personal space. A young professional in the IT world. I am interested in finance, investment and a whole lot of hobbies.

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