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Reflection: Seek to Understand than to be Understood (2022)

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The year has ended and maybe it’s time to put up some reflection on this blog. I wouldn’t call my 2022 a fun ride, but it was definitely necessary. I figuratively lost people this year and made confrontations that somehow made up the title of this blog.

Seek to understand than to be understood, I live by this quote all my life. I put this out there across all my social media thinking people can ponder on it and make an extra effort to make this place a better place to live. This year it backfired on me, people use this quote to make me somehow feel something, to make me guilty. It saddened me to the extent that I removed them from all my account bios.

I suffered enough with the lost friendships which were silent and yet deadly. And to go through another set of obstacles to being judged is another level of pain.

I came across this phrase in my teenage life with not much exposure to the realities of life. With me trying to find an explanation for my questions and curiosities it leads me to believe I need to understand people. So this made the phrase a quote to live by, it may also be the reason why I stay meek and aloof all my life. I observe, I follow and I oblige – turns out it has its downside. Silently sitting pretty is not the best character you can use to face the world.

While studying Elementary and High School, I conditioned myself of finishing and starting another life in another city (studying college) without really enjoying the journey. I still can’t find the reason why I was telling myself that, was I ashamed? If yes, of what?

College however is truly a new beginning no questions about that while the rest of the memory before that is blurry.

What I can tell myself now is that I should’ve understood myself instead, learn my strength, contribute those strengths, and feel pride (although these were all glory to God, you know what I mean).

People, you just met and those who knew you longer, will find a way to turn the tides in their favor. To help you give in to their requests. So in case you put your most valued phrases on the internet aim to define them in your way so when a person barge in and tells you what they mean, changing the way you define it, stand your ground. Even if you give in to their request, chill! You don’t really have control over them, control your emotions instead. And be sure to put the line there.

It may be scary to be alone, it might be the only choice there is. I hope you learn to enjoy your own company, if not, you can always find your place out there.

Welcome to my personal space. A young professional in the IT world. I am interested in finance, investment and a whole lot of hobbies.

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