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The Resting Pose

Stop, Pose, then Rest.
The greatest thing I love about posing while my sister hold the camera is that I don’t have to be told what to do. I am always free to pose whatever I want and she’ll just find what angle I look good at. Exchange of ideas, a couple of times.
Like, if I suggest this and that, it’ll be done as well as what her request is.
IMG 1006
IMG 1008
esp this one. She was just telling me stuff, making me laugh and she captures it.
IMG 1016
Followed by this. Truly no pretends, just me and my sister.
IMG 1018
My silly attempts of portraying a model pose..
IMG 1022
IMG 1025
IMG 1026
IMG 1030
Acting, wow, acting.. ahaha Upon seeing this photo, this really make me laugh. I dont know why..
Swag eh.. lol
IMG 1033
I’ll be posting more of this. Check my blog once in a while for more.

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