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University Digital Arts (UDA)

On my 4th year in college, after passing through the 3rd year, like imagine you’ll gonna go from one side to the other of this w-i-d-e river (that’ll test your capability to survive the engineering curriculum), it must be really tough, eh? Well to do that, my instinct says, you must’ve build a bridge to go pass through but, do you know what I’ve done? I build my barge, conquer the heavy current and reach the other side. That was indeed a hard year. Every year is, actually. And yey, after the school year 2014-2015 (in my 4th year) I must at least give myself a heads up and a pat in my back saying “You did a great job buddy, one last year and all of this is gonna be worth it.” It was a great overwhelming feeling, coming as a refreshment, knowing I ended 4th year as a regular-scheduled student, passed all my subject and having able to keep my scholarship. A great school year!! and there is something more on what this year has offer me. Responsibility, leadership and camaraderie; a few of things I got the opportunity to develop during the previous school year.
Let me introduce University Digital Arts or also known as ‘UDA’. UDA is an active university organization under the bigger umbrella organization of the Federation of Accredited Extracurricular Student Organization (FAESO); the highest governing body of extracurricular organization in Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). UDA usually shouldered the tarpaulin designs, announcement outlines, video productions and everything related to digital such as photography.
I started as a member during the school year 2013-2014. Then on the following school year 2014-2015 I was elected as the vice president of public affairs or simply as the P.I.O., MUST truly had eyes in the youth, I must say. They truly believe a leader can change anything, pushing through courage, inspiration and all. Yes, we undergo such a year round training. It started with the OREP, (Organization, Readiness, Enhancement and Planning) organized by the Supreme Student Council with the newly elected Pres, Ms. Danica Tacbas. I remember that was May. It was a 2-day, 1-night stay in school with all this planned activities. First day was truly great; all same positioned leaders in each org are put in one place. I was a PIO so I was with my fellow PIO’s gathered in Science Complex (bldg 41). There, I met a few friends I say hi to every now and then during school activities. Inside the four walled room, we had fun, we had games, games of messages passing from one person to the other and describing what to draw. The organizers had made PIO realize how important it is to exactly relay messages to the public. That a simple switch of word/s can change a messages’ meaning. That the position of PIO is not the lowest rank in the governing bodies but rather as significant as the other positions are. I remember how it sounds; it was like ‘You are elected as PIO, of course you matter.’
The next training was called the Student Leaders’ Capability Building organized by the Student Affairs and Welfare Office (SAWO) with Head Dr. Jo Mark Libre. It was conducted in the ITB AVR, a 2-day seminar. We’ve got a few speakers from school’s head from financial office and student welfare. It was truly a great way to spend a weekend. Plus the whole year plan of activities and project and the unity dance at the end was all in all a total fun, full of enrichment.
Then the School year starts, Org’s days was the first event of every Organizations for the year. This is the time for recruitment of the new members from either freshmen or old students who haven’t decided to join last year. So let’s take a short trip from the previous full year of activities of UDA.
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Our Booth during the Orgs Days 2014-2015;))
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Random students signing up for UDA.
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For a year round, every organization has its budget allocation that must suit every plans and project we aim to achieve. But sometimes due to bigger dreams and imagination, somehow the provided amount is just not enough. Instinct says fundraising, and yes these shirts are designed and sell by UDA.
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Truth be told, UDA was a pack of Model. The President and the Creative Director on ORGS DAYS Shirts.

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Then a few clicks on the side.. haha
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Most of UDA members esp. those creative members has been assigned for Information Digest to disseminate among students to help them around the campus.
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UDA with its Governing Bodies on ORGS DAYS sign.
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       So the bond between the members tightens as what was expected, we drew each other closer esp. on the next activities and meetings. 

     Our next Major project was digital tutorial among the admins. Speakers include our President Romando Lonon, Creative Directors: Jhuemarie Abueva, Mark Trinidad, Jasper Rosalejos.
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Me being serious about the tutorial.. Trololol face haha
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Of course, to make these things possible we had meetings once in a while making sure we are on track.

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A great year indeed.. Our last project for the school year was the General Solidarity that happened inside the Engineering Complex AVR.
Starting off with the welcome speeches by the loyal members 🙂
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 Followed with a bingo card game. Creating a small twirl of excitement inside the AVR.
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Then with speeches from creative directors. Including the speech from UDA’s Moderator Mr. Mario Bebelone.
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In between speeches, an energetic unity dance occurred. Dance along with us 😉
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Then another whole fun outside, another game to play.
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A day of fun and friendship. And then as many people knew, Mindanao had a problem about energy consumption and conservation and that day was same as the other days, our fun had been intruded with power interruption. But nothing can truly stop us.
Thank you for those members who stayed till the end of the program.
Thanks for a great year of involvement and student leadership.
It was always a pleasure to be a part of this family.
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for more inquiries visit University Digital Arts on facebook.
and I would like to congratulate all the newly elected officers.
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May you always bring the pride of UDA up your sleeves.

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