BPI waive membership fee

Waive your BPI Credit Card Membership Fee

I’ve been a credit card user of BPI for maybe 5 years now and I always get advice from workmates and friends to try to ask them to waive my membership fee. That must be like every passing December. This year I finally tried it and to my surprise didn’t get my membership fee waived entirely.

– I pay my dues on time, with no past dues
– I use my credit card for installment transaction
– I use them sometimes on shop purchases and online purchases including airfare
– They always grant me an additional credit almost every year
– I have the Blue Mastercard one
– It’s not my main credit card though.

I called a few days before my due date, as a procrastinator as I am hahaha, of course, they go through the verification process, and then they will ask what was my concern.
So I nonchalantly ask if they can waive my membership fee and they gave me options. I’m not sure if their process changed but that is how my colleagues instructed me to do. Too bad nothing’s for free now.

To continue, there were 4 options given to me and it is the below:
– Pay for it per month as an installment for the next year.
– Using points but I guess it requires around 16k points and mine only got 8k
– They will only waive half of the membership fee or a subsidy, I pay the half
– Get a supplementary card

The best option for me is the 3rd one. I had the impression that I only have the first option as the only option but when I try to ask if they have another option they enumerated the rest.
I was hoping to get my membership fee waived this year as the bills really piled up for me still the 3rd option helps.
I shot my shot and I guess it somehow worked haha

Tell me in the comment section what are your experiences when waiving your membership card, tips, and techniques.
Hope this article helps in case you were wondering.

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