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Pay SSS Contribution using Gcash

With the pandemic affecting our everyday lives, it is very convenient to pay contributions online esp for our parent’s accounts. I have discovered this alternative way back and I thought to share this with you.

Gcash is a philippine game changer app (I can say), most of what I needed to pay digitally are on this app – and they still keep on improving each day. Some bills require a transaction fee of 5php (as observed) but for this particular payment they won’t charge you – hopefully, this will not change.

With no further ado, here’s how you pay SSS contribution via Gcash:

Step 1) You need to generate PRN on your SSS account – you can refer to this article if this is your first time.

image 8

Step 2) Go to your Gcash App, and Navigate to Pay Bills > Government > SSS PRN. And fill out the form which would be like the below. Choose account type on the dropdown – PRN. PRN is short for Payment Reference Number so on this field input the PRN number (refer to the photo from step 1) you generated on your SSS account. Enter the exact amount indicated on your Generated PRN on the Amount field. Make sure your payor type chosen here is the same as the PRN you generated from your SSS account. Input your email address to receive a receipt of the transaction from Gcash. When all fields are filled out tap on the Next button.

image 9

Step 3) This screen is the confirmation screen wherein you can review the details of the payment. If ever some details are wrong you can always go back and edit the details, otherwise you can tap on the Confirm button to process the payment.

image 12

Step 4) You will receive confirmation of the transaction via text and email. Here’s how they look like, in case you are wondering.

image 13
image 11

With this power within our reach no wonder Gcash has sky rocketed. I would really wonder how one don’t have a Gcash account. Having a Gcash account these days is really a must esp for everyone who prefer transaction be done online/cashless.

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